Preface of adventure.

2017KelsieEngagement59Hello world! For those of you whom we have never had the pleasure of meeting, allow us  introduce ourselves. We are a couple from the Pacific Northwestern United States, Jordan & Kelsie Volker. We met in 2012 at Sasquatch Music Festival in Washington State, while Beck was on stage. Over the following three years we enjoyed a wonderful platonic friendship. Bonding over similar music tastes, style of humor, love of champagne and playful outlook on life. It was not until three years had passed and the stars aligned that we took a step towards what would be the largest adventure of our lives. In Fall 2015 we had our first proper date. Our date went so well that as we walked the streets of Portland Oregon together, multiple groups of strangers took notice of us and declared “You two are so cute together!” or inquired “Do you two have children? You would make the best children.” This was not a dying trend. It almost became a joke to us how often strangers would be struck by the energy radiating from us during our dates. It was hard to disagree with the sentiments of those around us as our conversations flowed perfectly and our laughter was abundant.

Two months later, Kelsie took a leap and moved 1300 miles south to San Diego, where Jordan was residing. Closing the geographical gap & allowing the relationship to take off. After twenty months of bliss and excitement, and while living aboard a work vessel off California’s Channel Islands,  Jordan broke a promise of never proposing to a woman prior to dating a full two years. Eagerly Kelsie accepted and we were to be wed.

The next eleven months lead up to last Friday (September 1st, 2017) when we were  married in front of friends and Family in Nehalem, Oregon. The day was truly cut out of a fairytale. Friends from all around came to help out & celebrate with us, and celebrate we did! We spent four days camping, dancing, drinking, and communing in a style that can only be described as magical.

As we write this post together we are sitting in Beijing, our first of many honeymoon destinations. Beijing is the kick off of what will be an eight month tour of the whole world. Not one continent will be missed.

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